Mountaineering – The Sky’s the Limit. (John)

Acclimatizing in Chacaltaya.

John, he got very sick.
But his strong will made him recover and continue with his ascension plans, successfully crowned the Illimani and Huayna Potosí.

Illimani summit (6.438 m.)

John Says:

This was a great adventure Eduardo, two weeks climbing and learning alpine techniques. Completing the ascent of Illimani, the early morning summit voew view from Huayna Potosi looking at the contrast on opposite sides of the mountain was just amazing. In spite of my preparation training in an altitude chamber the recommended 5 day of acclimatisation was definitrly needed. Glad i had your expertise to guide me through the process and adjust the program accordingly. The ice climbing on the glacier was also a highlight. If your thinking of booking a climb with Eduardo I’d highly recommend it, he has great mountain skills, awareness, a concern for safety and a sense of adventure (and still remembers that this is a holiday for most people). Everyone on the mountain keeps him respect. The food was good and I even tried red bananas (before Eduardo revealed he also bought the ‘normal ones too). He has a good sense of helping you achieve your goals, I was just as concerned about safety as achieving a summit as I’ve got a 1 & 1/2 Year old baby, and I think Eduardo struck a fine balance. Overall, great result. I’m now planning my next climb.

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Bolivia Adventure – Thomas

Some ice climbing practices and good ascents to the mountains.

Thomas Says:

That’s me in the photos above!

I spent 9 days all up with Eduardo doing a customized itinerary designed around my skill level (experienced hiker but beginner climber), time (10 days) and goals learn to climb and then bag some big peaks!!. We spent 4 days learning to mountaineer and ice climb on the glacier at Huayna Potosi before putting those skills into practice summitting Huayna Potosi and then the far more technical Condorirri.

Eduardo was a brilliant teacher and amazing guide, always attentive and focused on safety. His outfit at Bolivian Mountain Guides is extremely professional and organised. Logistics, transportation, food from the wonderful cook Herminia, lodging, and equipment were all taken care of, allowing me to focus on climbing and taking in the incredible scenery.

Eduardo and I had some wild adventures in the mountains and the trip was overall far exceed my expectations. I’d love to get back to Bolivia to tackle some even harder mountains with Eduardo soon.

Practices in the glacial.
Huayna Potosi Summit (6.088 mts.)
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Bolivian Mountain Guides – AUSTRIA PEAK, HUAYNA POTOSI.

Marc says:

Bolivian Mountain Guides

I spent a day climbing Pico Austria (four days ago as aclimatization) with my wife (who had no prior mountaineering/trekking experience) and Eduardo, the founder of Bolivian Mountain Guides. It was an amazing experience, also and especially for her. She felt very safe and encouraged by him. He responds as quickly as you can want it on whatsapp! We asked him one day and were on the Peak on the next. He organized everything from extra equipment (because we were travelling light and did not have much with us in La paz) to a great and WARM (!) lunch (oh, and breakfast as well before starting to trek) on the mountain top. He is ultra experienced, has done almost every peak you come across in the Cordillera Real. He is a funny guy to hang out with. He emphasized that being in the mountain with all its seriousness and danger is also about having fun and enjoying the beauty. We definitely sensed this mindset throughout our day. And i dont take that for granted. There are other guides who make you feel quite bad! Some of you might know that. He does not rush you (like many other guides), he always puts safety first and he is flexible to whatever wishes you might have or what the weather might do. Oh, and also he takes many (as he calls them) „surprise fotos“, which turn out to be very good and sends them to you after the day. Because of all of the above I booked him again two days later for a 2-day ascent of Huayna Potosi which I just got back from. A tough ascent that should not be underestimated. But with Eduardo it was an amazing experience….he verbally pushed me up the last 300 vertical meters!! And throughout the whole expedition he stayed calm and relaxed. To me personally that was a key feature because many other clients (especially from other guides) were nervous and anxious which was not always met with a professional sympathy by other guides.

I would definitely recommend Eduardo and his company as he puts a high standard on his employees and is suitable for all levels of alpine and trekking routes.

To be honest, I am already looking forward to the next trip to Bolivia and i will definitely contact him for guiding me up some more of these beautiful peaks!!

An alle Deutschen: wirklich wahrscheinlich einer der besten Bergführer in La paz. Geld ist gut investiert und er verlangt auch nicht außergewöhnlich viel. Sein Englisch ist okay…aber er freut sich, wenn man zumindest etwas Spanisch kann. Dann spricht er auch extra langsam und lacht viel mit (und auch manchmal über) einen.

Definitiv empfehlenswert (siehe detaillierte englische Bewertung).

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