Chachacomani Sur Oeste

Climbing Chachacomani Sur - Este

Chachacomani 6074m (6 days).


This is one of the peaks that one of the least visited areas of the Cordillera Real and the challenge perfect for ice climbing with a bit of experience already under his belt. The routes to the summit have been very rarely addressed, so if you are after climbing a very particular issue, this is the one for you.

Day 1.- Depart from La Paz towards Lake Titicaca and the town of Copacabana until we reach a detour which will take us to the Amahuaya pass (5,120m). Dropping down after the pass, we enter into an area known as Llocolloconi which is where we will establish our first campsite.


Day 2.- A day of trekking, to our second camp which is beside the Leche Khota Lagoon (4,650m). All equipment will be transferred by llamas on this day.

Day 3.- The ascent to high camp begins with a slope Chachacomani relatively easy to get to the moraine of the glacier and immediately continue on the glacier at the base of the Chachacomani where to set up camp.


Day 4.- With a 2.00am start, we will make our attempt for the summit of Chachacomani (6,100m), which takes on average six hours. From the summit we will return to the high camp.


Day 5.- Return to the camp at Leche Khota Lagoon and then on to the base of Llocolloconi near the road.


Day 6.- Return to La Paz.


Chachacomani Google Map

Chachacomani Google Map



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