Chaupi Orco

Climbing Chaupi Orco

Chaupi Orco 6040m

The Chaupi Orko snow peak (6. 044 m.a.s.l) is located at the limits of the border of Perú (25%) and Bolivia (75%) well-known as Apolobamba Range. Because of the easy access to Chauopi Orko, this is the most climbed in Bolivia.

Day 1.- Depart from La Paz by vehicle up to Apacheta Pampa. This town is located before Pelechuco pass; From this point we lead toward the sector known as caballunani, where we set our first camp.

Day 2.- After breakfast , we begin the trekk to base camp. During the journey we go by Caluyo Lagoon a very cold river.
Day 3.- We begin the ascent to base camp of Palomani Grande Peak around the banks of the Lagoon of the same name.

Day 4.- After breakfast we begin the ascent toward Palomani Grande, the first part is between the moraines then in the glacial after 4 hours we reached the summit, We continue toward Palomani Cunco Peak, finally we descend over the shores of Lake Acesberg. (All campinp Gear is carried by the porters up to the camp).

Day 5.- Ascent to the peak "Flor de Roca” which summit has a wonderful view of this part of the Cordillera. Return by the same route to our camp.

Day 6.- Descent Chaupi Orco Base Camp and rest.

Day 7.- Ascent to the High Camp Chaupi Orco.

Day 8.- As this is the highest peak in this range, the ascent takes about 5 to 6 hours. The return is via the same route to Campo Alto. After a restful break we continue down to base camp.

Day 9.- In this Base Camp where we will set our last camp.

Day 10.- Free day.

Day 11.- Return to La Paz.


Chaupi Orco Google Map

Chaupi Orco Google Map



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