Meet the Staff

Let yourself be lead by a group of highly qualified guides, which will make your ride enjoyable trekking or climbing.

Eduardo Mamani Quispe - UIAGM Guide / IFMGA.

Eduardo Mamani

Partner in the agency Bolivian Mountains, Coordinator of the group of guides who have made this agency famous and prestigious for their work.

I made my first ascent at an early age.

I have been guiding professionally for over 20 years, pass safety and rescue courses in the sister Republic of Peru with Swiss trainers, my training culminates with the French school of the ENSA (National School of Sky & Mountaineering) International certification UIAGM opt / IFMGA. Conquer the Summit of Bolivar, Humboldt and others in Venezuela, the peaks of Cotopaxi and Chimborazo in Ecuador, Alpamayo and Huascaran in Peru, and also reached the summit of Aconcagua (6954 m) twice the same day from Base Camp ( Plaza de Mulas) in Argentina.

My knowledge of the Cordillera Real is very extensive, so much so that I helped the Military Geographical Institute produce their map of the Cordillera Real (the only official map of the area). I am an active member of the Bolivian Andean Club.

I was also hired by the President of Bolivia (then) - Jorge Quiroga - to climb Huayna Potosi and many delegations of embassies.

Gregorio Mamani Quispe - Leading Mountain Guide

Gregorio Mamani

Gregorio has been a professional mountain guide for the past 15 years and is considered in Bolivia as one of the few local experts in extreme routes. He has climbed throughout the Andes in Bolivia, including Illampu, Ancohuma, Chearoco, Chachacomani, Negruni, Condoriri, Huayna Potosi, Mururata and Illimani, as well as the Apolobamba range and Sajama, the highest mountain in Bolivia.

He has completed many courses from various Alpine institutes and is a member, guide and instructor of the Club Andino Boliviano. He has been contracted by many agencies and institutes of note, including, the Bolivian Federation of Ski and Mountaineering, the Military Geographical Institute, the embassies of the US, Germany, Brazil, Denmark, Spain and several other adventure travel agencies in Bolivia.

Miss Julia Catunta Janco- Tour Guide

Gregorio Mamani

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated Free Lance Adventure - Trekking, Overland and Cultural Tour Guide who always gives 100% to every task undertaken. Highly motivated to complete tasks alone as well as thriving when working as part of the team. I am an ambitious and confident person who applies an energetic attitude within the work environment; with experience in Tourism and Customer Service. I have gained skills such as ability to take initiative and work as part of a team and provide exceptional customer service working since 1997. I love working in an environment that allows me to use my skills.

Academic Educational Background

UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH, Scotland, UK - Institute for Applied Language Studies. (Italian: begginers). 2008

CAPITAL SCHOOL OF ENGLISH. Scotland - UK. 2007 - 2008

UNIVERSIDAD MAYOR SAN ANDRES, Bolivia - Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educacion:

*Licenciatura en Turismo 2005 / *Tour Guide- Technician Degree 1996.

Language Proficiency

*English (upper intermediate - advanced written/oral skills) *Spanish (fluent written/oral skills)

*Aymara - native andean language (fluent oral skills) *French and Portuguese (intermediate written / oral skills) *Italian (introductory oral skill.

Jose Mamani Quispe - Leading Mountain Guide

José Mamani

A qualified mountain guide, Jose has worked in the mountains for the past 15 years. He is the younger brother of Gregorio and Eduardo.

He has completed courses from the National School of Ski and Mountaineering of France (ENSA), the Club Andino Boliviano, the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports (FEDME).

He has worked with the Spanish and US embassies as a mountain guide, and currently spends about 50% of his waking life on the mountainside.

Julio Choque - Leading Mountain Guide

Julio Choque

Julio grew up in the community of Chukura in the Choro valley surrounded by the Andes - the perfect playground to pick up his skills. He began his work within the expedition field working as a porter for various agencies during the 1990's and moved up to mountain guide in 2000 after completing his basic training. Since then he has attended several courses in order to expand his knowledge and experience, including a course run by the French mountaineering institute ENSA (Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme).
He has worked with Bolivian Mountains since 2004, initially as assistant guide and more recently has led a number of successful expeditions as head guide (including a hair raising traverse from the peaks of Illampu to Jancohuma - madness!).
This year in May culminated their training successfully and IFMGA acquired the international certification. An extremely sought after guide amongst Bolivian agencies, we are delighted to have secured his services.

Mario Perez

Pedro Quispe Mario lives in the village of Sajama, even in training professional mountain guide. He was leading in the mountains of Condoriri, Huayna Potosi, Illimani, but has special dominance in the area where he lives, leading groups to the mountains of Sajama, Parinacota, Pomerape and Acotango.

Juan Patricio Mamani Antezana.

Pedro Quispe

John Patrick, son of Edward.
With a vision toward the future, this child is in a long stage of formation. He has a great desire to be a Mountain Guide, and conquer some mountains in the Cordillera Real in Bolivia, among the most notable is his ascension to the Little Alpamayo (5,400m).

He loves nature especially mountains, but only time will tell if such a good guide or better than his father.