Apolobamba II

Curva - Pelechuco (6 days).

The Apolobamba mountain range is a seldom-traveled trail despite its natural beauty combining high plateau, valleys and snowcapped mountains. It is a mystical region, where world-famous native healers known as kallawayas live. It is a magical place of perpetual snowcapped mountains and few native inhabitants.

Day 1.- La Paz – Charazani.
Departure early from La Paz on a vehicle. We cross the high plateau along the edge of Lake Titicaca. In the port of Escoma we go into the Apolobamba mountain range. We are able to see small mountainous massifs before we descend to the village of Charazani, located already in a valley. Later, we continue the journey toward the native village of Curva.

Day 2.- Charazani – Jutumpampa.
We leave early to ascend between ravines and Andean plantations. A spectacular view of stunning Akamani Mount, sacred mountain for the kallawayas, could be seen. To the sides, a succession of splendid snowcapped mountains. The trail toward Jatunpampa continues by a deep valley.

Day 3.- Jutumpampa – Incacancha.
We leave from Jatunpampa following a path that will lead us up to the foot of the glacier. After enjoying lunch, we are ready to go down to the ruins of Incacancha. We install our camp near the waterfalls.

Day 4.- Incacancha – Sunchulli.
We leave from the waterfalls taking the path that starts with a gentle but constant ascent. Beside the path runs a small ravine that goes down to the valley of Sunchilli, where we will see the famous pre-Columbian mines. Camp at the top of the mining camp and near the Knife Peak I.

Day 5.- Sunchulli – Palca.
This day we cross the pass Sunchulli and go down through the valley of Piedra Grande, Ilo Ilo, and end at Palca where we set our camp.

Day 6.- Palca – Pelechuco.
Last day of descent to Pelechuco. Relaxed day. There is more oxygen in the air due to the presence of a humid valley with wild flowers along the path. Here, the pre-Columbian trail appears calling to the mind a large alley that leads us to the village of Pelechuco. Accommodation.

Day 7.- We depart from Pelechuco - La Paz on a vehicle, crossing the high plateau regions of Ulla Ulla and Apolobamba.


Apolobamba map

Apolobamba Trekking Area Map


From Pelechuco (3520 m.) to the first step Laurawani (4,900 m.).

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