Laguna Arkhata, is nestled at the base of the mountain Mururata with incredible panoramic views and colossal Illimani mountain.
You can do tours in the region of 1-2 days, the most recommended Mururata – Laguna Arkhata – Totoral Pampa, see the following video.

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Bolivian Mountain Guide UIAGM, ice climbing and trekking. "Thank you for visiting this site, and this blog! Here you'll find news about climbing and trekking in Bolivia, as well as reports from my most recent and future adventures!
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  1. Catherine roc king says:

    A wonderful climb of acotango with our 3 children including 12 year old Gabrielle.
    Pedro and Eduardo are well prepared very friendly safe and organized. It was a breeze climbing with them. Next time we will attempt a harder summit and it will certainly be with them

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