Laguna Arkhata (Full day)

Laguna Arkhata

«Laguna Arkhata», located at an altitude of 4,905 meters, this incredible lagoon at the southern base of the Mururata Snow, is distinguished by its vibrant colors and distinctive characteristics.

From here you can admire up close the eternal guardians of the city of La Paz: The Illimani and the Mururata. The optimal route is to begin the ascent along the Chuchuchani River until reaching the Khotapata Viewpoint (5,128 m). This viewpoint offers an incredible panoramic view of the snow-covered and colorful lagoons, not to mention the diverse wildlife that inhabits the area, including birds, vizcachas, llamas, Andean foxes and more.

Upon descending to Laguna Arkhata, we continued through the valley savoring the landscape and the Kelhua Khota and Laram Khota lagoons, finally arriving at the Totoral Pampa valley. Here our vehicle is waiting for us to transport us back to the city of La Paz.


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