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Laguna Arkhata (Full day)


For the lovers of nature and the mountains, our destination ”Laguna Arkhata” located at 4,905 meters above sea level, this incredible lagoon stands at the foot of the Snowy Mururata, predominant due to its colors and characteristics, making it one of the most spectacular height lagoons in the entire Cordillera Real.

You can see closely the eternal sentry of the city of La Paz, the Illimani and the Mururata. The best route is starting the ascent along the Chuchuchani River until you reach the Khotapata Viewpoint (5,128 m), this viewpoint offers an incredible panoramic view of the snowy and colorful lagoons, not forgetting the wildlife found in the birds area , viscachas, llamas, andean fox, etc.

After descending to Laguna Arkhata we continue through the valley enjoying the landscape and the Kelhua Khota and Laram Khota lagoons to finally reach the Totoral Pampa valley.

Where we return by car to the city of La Paz.

The best months for this tour is from May to October, it is recommended to have a certain level of trekking experience.

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