Trek Apolobamba (Curva – Pelechuco) (7 days)


Region of the Kalawayas healers, a mystical place of majestic snow-capped mountains. This mountain range is still unknown to the general public. Itinerary: Day 1.- LA PAZ – CHARAZANI – CURVA. Leaving La Paz by vehicle we head north of La Paz, to the Apolobamba mountain range, with beautiful views along the way until we […]

Apolobamba II (Curva – Pelechuco) (7 days)

The Apolobamba mountain range is a little traveled path despite its natural beauty that combines a high plateau, valleys and snowy mountains. It is a mystical region, where world-renowned native healers known as Kallawayas live. It is a magical place of perpetual snow mountains and few native inhabitants. Itinerary: Day 1.- LA PAZ – CHARAZANI […]


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