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Acotango (6.057 m) (3 days)


El Acotango (6052m) is a volcano located on the border between Chile and Bolivia in the Western Cordillera. Form together with the volcano Humarata (5730 m) and the volcano Capurata (5990 m) the massif of Quimsachatas, which in Aymara means “Three twins”, its ascent is easy but relatively long.


Day 1. – La Paz – Sajama National Park (4270 m)

Departure from La Paz by private vehicle to arrive after four hours, to the Sajama National Park, in the afternoon a short walk.

We spent the night in a shelter.

Day 2.- Village of Sajama – Chachacomani – Acotango (6052m) – Village of Sajama.

From the city of Sajama we drive to Chachacomani; small town near the base of Acotango, immediately take the mining route in the “Quebrada del Cóndor Jipiña” (4800 m), from there we climb to the top of Mount Acotango in about 6 or 7 hours. Return to the village of Sajama after the ascent.

Day 3.- Sajama National Park – Return to La Paz

Before returning to La Paz, he visited the geysers and bathed in the hot springs.

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