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Climbing Illampu (6 days)

Illampu 6360m

This is a relatively unpopular summit, since its normal ascension path is the most difficult in Bolivia; It constitutes a very beautiful mountain trip, however, it is reserved only for experienced and astute mountaineers. The whole route is technical and committed. The edge that leads to the top is very hard and exposed.


Day 1.- A full day in the vehicle. Starting early from La Paz, we travel to the Sorata Valley. After lunch in Sorata, we will continue to the community of Lacatya, where we will make our first camp (4,200 m).

Day 2.- After breakfast we will start a walk to our second camp, in an area known as Aguas Calientes (4,850m.).

Illampu, the mountain considered the most difficult in this mountain range.

Day 3.- This day we will arrive at the high camp, at 5,600 m. The route begins on a moraine and other rocky areas until we reach the beginning of the glacier. The camp is a short distance along the glacier (approximately 5 hours in total).

Day 4.- The summit. After a hearty breakfast, we will start our ascent to the summit of Illampu (6,360 m.), Which will take around 6 to 7 hours. The return will be by the same route to the high camp.

Day 5.- Return to Aguas Calientes.

Day 6.- Return trip to Lacatya estancia and return by vehicle to La Paz.

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