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Trek Khotia – Huayna Potosi (5 days)

This walk begins in the Khotia Lagoon and ends at the base of the Huayna Potosi mountain. Visitors on their journey are satisfied to enjoy the beauty of nature, its mountains, lakes of different colors, its fauna; fabulous views of the Condoriri, Lake Titicaca and the immense altiplano.


Day 1.- La Paz – Laguna Khotya -Laguna Ajuani.

Departure from La Paz by vehicle to Lake Khotia (4,570 m.). Slowly we begin the trek towards the Andean foothills. Upon reaching the first step, a descent begins, in the valley you can see the lagoon of three great lakes, after crossing the river we ascend until we reach the Ajuani lagoon.

Day 2.- Laguna Ajuani – Laguna Juri Khota.

The road is winding but attractive after crossing the first step we descend until we reach the Laguna de Sistaña, where we take a break to have lunch. At this point, the path begins to ascend towards the peak that represents our second step, in the valley we see the beautiful and isolated Juri Khota lagoon, surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

Day 3.- Laguna Juri Khota – Laguna Glacial – Paso Austria – Chiar Khota.

From Juri khota Lagoon we begin by a steep slope to reach Glacial Lagoon, a jewel nested at a height of 4,900 meters at the foot of the Condoriri glacier.

From there we continue climbing to a second step (Paso Austria, 5140 m.). The climb to Pico Austria (5,350 m.) Is recommended, its summit is an excellent viewpoint of the entire Cordillera, after a photo session we descend to the Laguna Chiar khota (4,630 m.) Where we will establish our camp.

Day 4.- Paso Jistaña – Maria Lloco.

Today’s passage is the Jistaña pass, with an altitude of 4,900 m, which leads to the valley of the Racahcha valley.

We continue through the valley until we reach a small room where we set up our camp. At the bottom of the valley we can see the mountains of Maria Lloco and the west face of Huayna Potosi.

Day 5.- Milluni pass – Huayna Potosi – Return to La Paz.

Our last step is the Huallatani pass (4,850 m). From here, on a clear day, we can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Maria Lloco mountains and the mighty Huayna Potosi. It is also from here that our vehicle awaits us for our return to La Paz.

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