We leave at 6 in the morning, a two and a half hour trip to reach the Juri Khota Lagoon (4,700 m.), after some preparations we start trekking along the edge of this lagoon.
It is an easy ascent to reach the second lagoon known as Ventanani (4,900 m.) (Heart Lagoon), continuing our journey along the moraine we reach the Glacial Lagoon of Cuchill Khunu (Left Wing of the Condor) (5,070 m.).

After a rest and a photo session near the ice walls we start the return by the same route until we reach the vehicle, which brings us back to the city of La Paz, arriving around 05 pm.

This is a fantastic hike among the mountains, it is not a difficult trip and you can reach most of the people without any problem and on the shores of the lagoon you can appreciate the beauty of the place and the mountains of this massif.

The Condoriri is really very beautiful.

The Cuchill Khunu glacier lagoon, the Ventanani lagoon and the Juri Khota lagoon in the background.

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