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Climbing Illimani (4 days)

Illimani 6438m

The Illimani Mountain is a beautiful view of the city of La Paz. No doubt many articles dedicated to this mountain considered as the guardian of the city. The mountain itself has many peaks that are permanently covered in snow; three of them are above 6000 m and the highest one reaches an amazing altitude of 6.438 m. This mountain is reserved for determined mountain conquerors, as it is a technical and very demanding climb.


Day 1.- Departure from La Paz by private vehicle to the small town of Pinaya (3 and a half hours journey). From there we started the 3-hour walk to Puente Roto, the Illimani base camp.

Day 2.- A five-hour hike, mainly on the rocks, to the high camp – the «Nido del Cóndor», at 5,550 m.

Day 3.- Early start (2.00am) on glacial terrain until the summit Pico Sur del Illimani (6,438 m). Then we returned to the high camp, divided the camp and continued towards the base camp.

Illimani summit (6.438 m.)

Day 4.- Return to Estancia Pinaya where our vehicle will be waiting, and return to La Paz.

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