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Climbing Ancohuma (6 days)

Ancohuma, panoramic view from Illampu.

Ancohuma 6427m.

Ancohuma is located in the northern section of the Cordillera Real, part of the Andes, east of Lake Titicaca. It is located just south of the Illampú, a little lower, near the city of Sorata. Despite being taller than Illampú, Ancohuma is a softer peak, and it is a somewhat easier climb.


Day 1.- We leave La Paz and drive to the city of Sorata at 2900m by private vehicle (4 hours of travel). This Andean town offers subtropical vegetation and is an interesting contrast to the Illampu massif. We will spend the night in a small hotel in the city.

Day 2.- After breakfast, we will begin the ascent to our first camp in Laguna Chijllata (4,800m). This day takes approximately 5-6 hours of walking.

Day 3.- The road is very steep and it is difficult for some sections. The trail follows the glacial moraine and ends at Laguna Glaciar at the base of the snow-capped peaks. In the afternoon, we will install a camp on the edge of the impressive lake.


Day 4.- The ascent to the high camp (5,600m) today starts on a rocky moraine and towards the end of the day it will take us to the glacier itself.

Day 5.- From the high camp, the ascent to the summit is completed in 4-5 hours. From there we descend to the Glacier Lake.

Day 6.- From the base camp, we will return to Sorata, where our vehicle will be waiting for us to take us back to La Paz.

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