Chacaltaya - Huayna Potosi (Full day)

Cordillera real
Chacaltaya refuge

Chacaltaya (5,350 m) is a mountain in the Cordillera Real that used to host the world’s highest ski resort before the glacier melted. Nevertheless, it still provides spectacular views of the Cordillera Real.


The two-hour journey takes us through El Alto and the Altiplano, where the Andean landscape and sierras gradually unfold. We reach the Chacaltaya ski refuge (5,260 m), where we indulge in coca tea to acclimate and admire the panoramic scenery of the Cordillera Real.

Starting from the refuge, we ascend to the first peak of Chacaltaya (5,350 m), offering a glimpse of what was once the highest ski area globally. Unfortunately, the glacier has completely vanished. Subsequently, we proceed to a second peak before descending towards the left side, leading us into the valleys of Milluni and Charquini.

Chacaltaya Summit (5.435 m.)

All this time, we will be walking towards the majestic figure of Huayna Potosí hill at 6,088 m. We will descend near Charquini hill and walk along the path to the Zongo pass, where there are several shelters where we can rest and meet our transport that will take us back.


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