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Climbing Pequeño Alpamayo (3 days)

Pequeño Alpamayo (5.425m)

This peak is impressive, beautiful and justifiably popular. From the base camp, you can only see the top of the summit, but the view of the mountain from Pico Tarija is impressive. The pyramid of snow and rock seems much more difficult to climb than it is and the crest of the summit is one of the most aesthetic lines of Bolivia.


Day 1: On this day we will start with an early departure from La Paz and we will go to the Rinconada del Rinconada where the vehicle will leave us. Then, we continue with a short trek until we reach Laguna Chiar Khota (4,630 m.) Where we will establish our base camp.

Day 2: Very early and after breakfast we start our tour going up first to Tarija Peak (5,300 m), then continue to the Pequeño Alpamayo (5,425 m.) Beautiful mountain; our return to base camp is by the same route.

Day 3: In the morning we will pack the camp and begin the return to the Rinconada del Condoriri, where our vehicle will be waiting for us to take us back to La Paz.

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