Tihuanacu (Full Day)

This is one of the most important archaeological sites in the entire American continent, located an hour from the city of La Paz, near Lake Titicaca.

According to many scientists, the Tiwanaku culture could be the mother of American civilizations. Today, many secrets are being uncovered by archaeologists as it is believed that Tiwanaku still has more than 80% of its buildings buried.

The population of Tiwanaku bases its economy on agriculture and livestock. Its rich architecture is characterized by decorations with reliefs, drawings, and subsections placed on trails, which denote a vast knowledge of engineering and astronomy.

The archaeological area is composed of seven main architectural constructions: Kalasasaya, Semi-subterranean Temple (an almost subterranean temple), Akapana pyramid, Kantatallita, Kerikala, Putuni, and Puma Punku.

Puerta del Sol

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