Meet the Staff

We are a group of guides with the UIAGM credential (International Union of Associations of Mountain Guides), it is the organization in charge of bringing together all the associations of mountain guides in the world, in addition to representing all certified mountain guides according to the guidelines of the UIAGM worldwide, with vast knowledge in mountain activity both nationally and international

Let yourself be lead by a group of highly qualified guides, which will make your ride enjoyable trekking or climbing.

Eduardo Mamani Quispe – UIAGM Guide / IFMGA

I have been guiding professionally for more than 27 years, I passed safety and rescue courses in the sister Republic of Peru with Swiss instructors, my training culminates with the French school of ENSA (National School of Sky and Mountaineering) International certification UIAGM / IFMGA. I conquered the summit of Bolivar, Humboldt and others in Venezuela; the summits of Cotopaxi and Chimborazo in Ecuador, Alpamayo and Huascaran in Peru; I also reached the summit of Aconcagua (6954 m) twice the same day from the Base Camp (Plaza de Mulas) in Argentina.

Eduardo Mamani Quispe
Eduardo Mamani Quispe

My knowledge of Eduardo Mamani Quispe – UIAGM Guide / IFMGA. the Cordillera Real is very extensive, to the point that I helped the Instituto Geográfico Militar to elaborate their map of the Cordillera Real (the only official map of the area). At the time I was an active member of the Bolivian Andean Club.

I was also hired by the President of Bolivia (at that time) -Jorge Quiroga- to climb Huayna Potosí and by many embassy delegations. I organized the tour of MALIA OBAMA daughter of BARACK OBAMA at that time was still the President of the United States of America, whose route was through the Cordillera Real of Bolivia.

Gregorio Mamani Quispe – Leading Mountain Guide

Gregorio Mamani Quispe, unfortunately passed away in July 2020, was a victim of the pandemic.

But this is not the reason to forget about him, on the contrary to remember the teachings he left behind. Gregorio has been a professional mountain guide for the last 35 years and was considered in Bolivia as one of the few local experts on extreme routes.

He has climbed throughout the Andes in Bolivia, including Illampu, Ancohuma, Chearoco, Chachacomani, Negruni, Condoriri, Huayna Potosi, Mururata, and Illimani, as well as the Apolobamba and Sajama mountain ranges, the highest mountain in Bolivia.

Gregorio Mamani Quispe

He has climbed throughout the Andes in Bolivia, including Illampu, Ancohuma, Chearoco, Chachacomani, Negruni, Condoriri, Huayna Potosi, Mururata, and Illimani, as well as the Apolobamba and Sajama mountain ranges, the highest mountain in Bolivia.

The current routes in the mountains are those that Gregorio traveled and many of them were made by him or were the modification that he made.

Julio Choque – UIAGM Guide / IFMGA.

Julio Choque, was one of the first to be part of our team of guides. He has the international certification of mountain guides (UIAGM / IFMGA), he is part of the rescue group “Socorro Andino Boliviano” (SAB).

He attended many rescues in our mountains and made numerous ascents to different peaks in our Cordillera Real, abroad he climbed Vallunaraju and Chopicalqui in Peru, Aconcagua in Argentina and Ojos del Salado in Chile, it is highly recommended.

Julio Choque

Hilarion Choque – UIAGM Guide / IFMGA

Hilarión is the younger brother of the Choque family, a family of mountaineers, with a very good reputation, he finished the high mountain guide courses with high qualifications, just as his brother Julio obtained the certification as an INTERNATIONAL GUIDE granted by the INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN FEDERATION GUIDES ASSOCIATIONS (UIAGM / IFMGA). Hilarión continued taking specialized high mountain rescue courses and is also part of the only high mountain rescue group in Bolivia called SOCORRO ANDINO BOLIVIANO (SAB). Other ascents outside of Bolivia include Aconcagua, Vallunaraju and Chopicalqui in Peru, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Cayambe in Ecuador. Hilarión has a lot of experience in classic routes and technical routes, he is a very sociable, very cheerful and funny person; he is a pride for us to have our staff.

Hilarion choque

Mario Perez – Guide

Mario is a local high mountain guide in Sajama National Park, he is the support we have in this area, he lives in the same town of Sajama.

He has been guiding in the mountains of Condoriri, Huayna Potosi, Illimani, but has special mastery in the area where he lives, guiding groups to the mountains of Sajama, Parinacota, Pomerape, Acotango and in Chile the volcanoes of Wallatiri, Ojos del Salado and others.

We are very happy to have him in our team.


Miss Julia Catunta Janco – Tour Guide

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated Free Lance Adventure – Trekking, Overland and Cultural Tour Guide who always gives 100% to every task undertaken. Highly motivated to complete tasks alone as well as thriving when working as part of the team. I am an ambitious and confident person who applies an energetic attitude within the work environment; with experience in Tourism and Customer Service. I have gained skills such as ability to take initiative and work as part of a team and provide exceptional customer service working since 1997. I love working in an environment that allows me to use my skills.


Academic Educational Background

UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH, Scotland, UK – Institute for Applied Language Studies. (Italian: begginers). 2008

CAPITAL SCHOOL OF ENGLISH. Scotland – UK. 2007 – 2008

UNIVERSIDAD MAYOR SAN ANDRES, Bolivia – Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educacion:

*Licenciatura en Turismo 2005 / *Tour Guide- Technician Degree 1996.

Language Proficiency

*English (upper intermediate – advanced written/oral skills) *Spanish (fluent written/oral skills)

*Aymara – native andean language (fluent oral skills) *French and Portuguese (intermediate written / oral skills) *Italian (introductory oral skill.