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Sajama National Park Tour (3 days)

The Sajama National Park is located in the department of Oruro in the Province of Curaguara de Carangas in the western Andes Mountains.

In this park is the highest mountain in Bolivia, Sajama (6,542m.) Having as neighbors the volcanoes of Acotango, Humarata, Capurata (Kimsa Chatas), Parinacota and Pomerape also called the Payachatas.

Other tourist attractions are geysers, hot springs and lagoons in the area.


Day 01: La Paz – Sajama.

We start 08:00 am. We head towards the town of Patacamaya from where we take the fork on the left side that leads us to the town of Sajama, on the way we will visit the chullpas (Funerary tombs – pre-Columbian), continuing the trip we will visit the colonial Church of Curahuara de Carangas , considered as the “Sistine Chapel of the Altiplano” due to the quality of works of art that are found inside such as the paintings that fill the walls, continuing our journey we will reach the Valley of the Rocks, a place with strange rock formations and by In the afternoon we will be arriving at the town of Sajama.

After establishing in the town we will make a short tour to the Mirador de Monte Cristo from where you have a panoramic view of the town and the mountains.

Overnight in the town of Sajama.

Day 2.- Sajama – Khasiri Lagoon – Sorapata Lagoon – Chiar Khota Lagoon

In the morning, we go to the geysers where we start the trekking, we head towards the Khasiri lagoon (4,850 m.), We can see different types of birds and many vizcachas. We are practically on the border with Chile.

Continuing our tour we arrive at Laguna Sorapata (4,930 m.) And finally at Laguna Chiar Khota (4,998 m.); All these gaps are at the base of the Condoriri group.

After lunch and a photo shoot we begin the return to the geysers and then to Sajama.

Day 3.- Sajama – Hot springs – Huaña Khota – Tomarapi – La Paz.

After breakfast we start our tour visiting the hot springs, then continue visiting the Huaña Khota lagoon, where you can see the fauna of the place such as pink flamingos, alpacas, vicunas and ostriches (if we are lucky) and here we go to the town of Tomarapi and finally we return to La Paz.

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