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Climbing Parinacota (3 days)


Parinacota 6300 m.

The Payachatas (twins) are placed face to face. One of them is the Parinacota and the other one is the Pomerape. They are located in the National Park Sajama near the Chilean border. The slope is relatively slight.

The Parinacota is the typical volcano in almost perfect cone shape. Its ascension from a technical point of view is easy; however it constitutes a long journey in the height.


Day 1.- Departure from La Paz by private vehicle on a good highway to arrive in 5 and half hours to the base of the Parinacota and of the Pomerape at 4800m in the National Park Sajama.

Day 2.- Our ascent begins at 03:00 am to reach the summit at approximately 10:00 am. Then we begin our return to the high camp, then we continue to the town of Sajama where we will spend the night.

Day 3.- Before going back to La Paz we take some baths in the thermal waters.

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