Laguna Arkhata (Full day)

Laguna Arkhata

ITINARARY: For nature and mountain lovers, our destination «Laguna Arkhata» located at 4,905 meters above sea level, this incredible lagoon rises at the foot of the Nevado Mururata, predominant for its colors and characteristics, making it one of the most spectacular high altitude lagoons in the Cordillera Real. You can see closely the eternal sentry […]

Laguna Juri Khota – Pico Austria – Chiar Khota (Full day)

Juri khota

Laguna Juri Quta – Pico Austria – Chiar Quta (full day) ITINARARY: Possibly this is the best route to Pico Austria, a route entering through a valley and leaving through a different one. We start at 06:30 a.m., a journey of two and a half hours until we reach the lagoon Juri Khota. Our walk […]

Pico Austria (Full Day)


Chiar Khota – Pico Austria (Full Day) Pico Austria (5.350 m.) ITINERARY: We will start at 6:30 am and drive for two hours to Rinconada del Condoriri. From there, we will begin trekking on a path, pass near Khuana Quta lagoon and then reach Chiar Quta lagoon (4,630 m). We will stop for a photo […]


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