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Mountaineering – The Sky’s the Limit. (John)

Acclimatizing in Chacaltaya.

John, he got very sick.
But his strong will made him recover and continue with his ascension plans, successfully crowned the Illimani and Huayna Potosí.

Illimani summit (6.438 m.)

John Says:

This was a great adventure Eduardo, two weeks climbing and learning alpine techniques. Completing the ascent of Illimani, the early morning summit voew view from Huayna Potosi looking at the contrast on opposite sides of the mountain was just amazing. In spite of my preparation training in an altitude chamber the recommended 5 day of acclimatisation was definitrly needed. Glad i had your expertise to guide me through the process and adjust the program accordingly. The ice climbing on the glacier was also a highlight. If your thinking of booking a climb with Eduardo I’d highly recommend it, he has great mountain skills, awareness, a concern for safety and a sense of adventure (and still remembers that this is a holiday for most people). Everyone on the mountain keeps him respect. The food was good and I even tried red bananas (before Eduardo revealed he also bought the ‘normal ones too). He has a good sense of helping you achieve your goals, I was just as concerned about safety as achieving a summit as I’ve got a 1 & 1/2 Year old baby, and I think Eduardo struck a fine balance. Overall, great result. I’m now planning my next climb.

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