Mountaineering – The Sky’s the Limit. (John)

Acclimatizing in Chacaltaya. John, he got very sick.But his strong will made him recover and continue with his ascension plans, successfully crowned the Illimani and Huayna Potosí. Illimani summit (6.438 m.) John Says: This was a great adventure Eduardo, two weeks climbing and learning alpine techniques. Completing the ascent of Illimani, the early morning summit […]

Bolivian Mountain Guides – AUSTRIA PEAK, HUAYNA POTOSI.

Marc says: Bolivian Mountain Guides I spent a day climbing Pico Austria (four days ago as aclimatization) with my wife (who had no prior mountaineering/trekking experience) and Eduardo, the founder of Bolivian Mountain Guides. It was an amazing experience, also and especially for her. She felt very safe and encouraged by him. He responds as […]


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