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PICO AUSTRIA (5.270 m.)

Ascent to Pico Austria.

Undoubtedly Condoriri area captivates many visitors, much more so from the summit of Austria Peak can be seen in full throughout the area.

The ascent to this peak of 5,290 m. is relatively easy, that it can do in the day, leaving from La Paz to Copacabana direction, take the right fork which is before Palcoco population, this route leads directly to the Rinconada Valley Condoriri.

Despite the snow continue the ascension to first reach the ridge from which you can already distinguish Juri Khota lagoon, the immense plateau, a little above we expect the summit of this peak. Mirador is a great distinction almost the entire area, further south, the Huayna Potosi.

This journey from the Rinconada to peak Austria takes about 5 hours and 3 return to the Rinconada where he hopes to return the vehicle, for people who have more time it can be done in two days by camping on the shores of the lake Chiar Khota the first climb and return the second day.

With an open sky panoramic views from the summit of Austria Peak is spectacular.
Vista Norte.
Vista Sur.

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