CLIMBIG P. ALPAMAYO – HUAYNA POTOSI – ILLIMANI (Expeditions confirmed. do you want to join)

June  3 – Day 1 .- La Paz to the base camp Condoriri
June  4 – Day 2.- Hike to the Austria peak.
June  5 – Day 3.- Climb the Pequeño Alpamayo
June  6 – Day 4.- Transfer to the base camp Huayna Potosi … and walk to the high camp..
June  7 – Day 5 .-Climbing to the summit of Huayna Potosi. and return to La Paz
June  8 – Day 6.- Break,
June  9 – Day 7.- La Paz to the base camp of the Illimani.
June 10 -Day 8.- Hike to high camp of Illimani
June 11 – Day 9.-Summit Illimani
June 12 – Day 10.- Return to La Paz.

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