This ascent is one of the unforgettable ones, we started with an excellent climate, when we reached the Summit we experienced the opposite, the storm, almost zero visibility, the electric shocks, I still don’t know how we got out alive. I could abandon Alex and get to safety, we both went to the mountain and we should both return. It was like living a dream, we were both very exhausted and the avalanche that came close to the car increased.

It’s my life!!



I would like to recommend Eduardo Mamani as an experienced Mountain Guide. Recently he took me up Acotango near Sajama National Park in Bolivia.

He was patient as I was a slow climber. He stepped deliberately into the snow with his crampons and made a sturdy path over steep terrain.  Clouds started to roll in, but we still got to the summit. It had been a clear night and sunny day. Clouds rolled in further and a storm started.  He quickly looked for the best route down. A hailstorm began and he made sure we continued to head down as hail pelted our heads.  Upon hearing thunder he tossed his ice ax to the side and told me to toss my poles and get low to the ground to mitigate lightning. We navigated through the storm a little worse for wear but were able to hike then slide down the mountain with our ices axes and got directly to the car. 

Eduardo is a cheerful, smart mountain guide with many stories to tell and his knowledge of the mountain is deep and successful when tested by the elements. He also provided many photos from the trip. I highly recommend Eduard and Bolivian Mountain Guides for their Professionalism.


Alex Silberman

Citizen of USA and Ireland.  

Sajama National Park

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