Ali says: My experience with Bolivian mountain guides and more importantly, Eduardo, was the best of my trip so far. Eduardo timed the ascent perfectly so that on the summit the sun was just coming up! I always felt safe, never rushed and in control. I could not be more grateful for this fantastic experience!


Laguna Arkhata, is nestled at the base of the mountain Mururata with incredible panoramic views and colossal Illimani mountain. You can do tours in the region of 1-2 days, the most recommended Mururata – Laguna Arkhata – Totoral Pampa, see the following video.


A spectacular ascension Family Catherin Roc. Antonie King says (January 21): A month ago my family and I climbed Mt Acotango volcano. A beautiful summit over 6000m with an incredible view over the vast altiplano desert. Eduardo and Pedro were great guides. Very professional, safe and friendly. It was an unforgettable experience! Thank you! ¡Muchas […]


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